2018 BRICS Skills Challenge

The BRICS Business Council Meetings and the South African Skills Development Working Group (SDWG) will be hosting the second BRICS Skills Challenge at Gallagher estate Gauteng in October.

The challenge will consist of different participants from the BRICS countries to complete specific tasks on deadline, which will then be judged by a panelist of specialists from the BRICS countries.

The main goal for the Skill Challenge will be to improve upon bilateral and multilateral cooperation in preparation for the 4th industrial revolutions and other future needed skills for economic growth.

Other goals include collaborating innovation and development of cost-effective learning tools, developing platforms and new curricula in emerging technologies to help with skills development and match will global standards.

Three main areas will be looked at during the challenge: first will be digital which will include Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Data Analytics and High Performance Computing.

Second will be manufacturing and engineering that will include Polymechanics, Industrial Robotics Installation and Maintenance, Metal joining challenge (Welding), 3D Printing: Additive Manufacturing, Drone Technology, Multi-AXIS Machining, Intelligent Manufacturing (Automation) and Robotic Welding.

The third area will be transport focusing on Aircraft Composites, Aircraft sheet metal and Non- destructive testing

Source: bricsskillschallenge.com

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