2018 East Tech West conference underway in China

The 2018 East Tech West conference is underway  in China, Nansha, Guangzhou. The conference opened yesterday and is due to conclude on Thursday, 29 November.  The Tech west emphasis is on creating a global centre for technological advancement – the event brings together tech, industry leaders and innovators from across the world.

Hosted by CNBC the East Tech West event will hold panel discussions and workshops on the evolution of technology in world, some of the key areas of discussion at the conference include automation, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The conference will also have 8 core themes which will guild proceedings.

The core theme will be looking into technology in society, the future fintech, 5G and telecommunications, cyber security, venture capital, the global trade outlook, the greater bay area and the future of entertainment. Nansha is also known for big foreign investment with a new $214 million AI project expected to take place in the region.


Source: easttechwest.com



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