Africa-China Journalist forum

Wits University hosted the 6th Africa-China Journalist Forum yesterday. The forum provided a platform for a Africa and China journalist meet – purposed at sharing investigations and current and Africa-China journalistic cooperations.

The forum started with an overview of the Africa-China Reporting Project, which is journalist cooperative to nurture, train, share skills and build capacity of journalist in Africa. Another aim of the project is to provide journalism grants, publish features and create opportunities.

At the forum Dr. Bob Wekesa of Wits Journalism spoke on Africa-China reporting project in francophone African countries, as well as how former colonial powers still affect journalism in francophone African countries. He also mentioned the workshops that took place in Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire in October.

WU Yu-Shan a research associate of the Africa-China Reporting Project spoke on the need of capacity building with regards to journalism skills and access to information and knowledge. She also spoke about the need for non-governmental aspects important keep projects like the Africa-China reporting project going even when there a no more grants or facilities.

There were also a few investigative journalists from Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Cameroon. The journalists disclosed many of their investigative projects they’ve undertaken as well as the outcomes of those.

Many of their projects revolved around corruption between Chinese businesses and African governments they highlighted the damage corruption has on African communities and environment if there is no legal recourse.

Filmmakers, writers and photographers were also at the forum showcase Africa-China relations through their various mediums. The forum ended with a photo exhibition on Africa-China relations showcasing Chinese fishermen working in West African oceans and how they got on with locals.

By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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