ANC retains power in South African elections

The South African election ended with very few surprises as the African National Congress (ANC) the ruling party since the first democratic election in 1994, once again secured another term winning the national vote by 57.5% and earning 230 seats in the 6th Parliament.

The ANC’s nearest rivals the Democratic Alliance (DA) which won 20.8% of the vote and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which managed to 10.8% gaining 84 and 44 seats, respectively. Victory for the ANC did come with a cost, as the lessor voter turnout as well as other parties gaining ground signal that the party will have to reform in order grow popularity again.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will be sworn in again as the President of the country on the 25 May 2019 in the City of Tshwane.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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