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African central banks set increase rates

Africa’s central banks assured to make known their initial plans to the emerging market turmoil of the past month. The banks are likely to usher in an end to the continent’s easing cycle, says Fin24. The is only one week left until the US federal ushers out what could be it’s third interest rate increase […]

South Africa legalizes the private use of cannabis

The South Africa Constitutional Court made the private use of cannabis legal, yesterday. The court’s confirmed the previous ruling made by the Western Cape High Court in 2017.  The State appealed the Western Cape High Court ruling putting the legal use of cannabis in limbo until yesterday. The constitutional court’s ruled that, Section 4B of […]

Rapid development of economic relations between Russia and Azerbaijan

The ambassador of Azerbaijani to Russia said that the rapid economic development between his country and Russia is being observed at the international food exhibition in Moscow. Ambassador Poland Bulbuloglu said that Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Azerbaijani President, Ilham Aliyev have met and witness the signing of seventeen economic document.  The Ambassador highlighted how […]

Denuclearization the main agenda at the Korea Summit

The leaders of North and South Korea met on Tuesday in Pyongyang. On the agenda was North Korea with regional peace, USA relations and Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. This was the first meeting the two Korean leader’s, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader, Kim Jong. United Nations (UN) announced that both […]

The New Development Bank (NDB) executes projects successfully

The New Development Bank (NDB), run by a group of emerging economies , BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has been successfully implementing projects says the bank’s senior manager. BRICS bank vice president, Vladimir Kazbevov told Russia’s state news agency, TASS that the bank has approved 23 projects for all BRICS countries.  “Their […]

India elections and governance

India is a constitutional democratic country made from a parliamentary government system, with regular, free and fair elections. The Indian elections determine the structure of the government, the state and territory legislative assemblies, and the Presidency and vice-presidency of the country. The Parliament of the Union consists of the President, the Lok Sabha (House of […]

South Africa to introduce Kiswahili as a school subject from 2020

The South Africa basic education department will be adding three more subjects to the school curriculum from the year 2020. The subjects Kiswahili, Marine Studies and Computer Coding will become part of the school curriculum, a decision that was approved by the South African Council of Education Ministers. As reported by africanews.com, the subjects will […]

U.S imposes more tariffs on China

The U.S has imposed new tariffs on 6 000 Chinese goods, making it the biggest round of U.S tariffs so far. U.S President, Donald Trump, has said that this is in response to China’s unfair trade practice. According to Trump the trade practises include subsidies imposed by China on foreign companies trading in China, which […]