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Report: Samsung may suspend operations at China mobile phone plant

The Electronic Times reported that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is considering suspending operations at one of its mobile phone manufacturing plants in China, due to slumping sales and rising labour costs. This year, Samsung might stop producing mobile phones at Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology, located in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. The world’s biggest […]

Samsung launches Galaxy Note 9

On Thursday, Samsung unveiled their brand new Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s launch came significantly earlier, as the big smartphone manufacturers usually launch new products in September. Samsung’s early launch gives them a head start on competitors, specifically on Apple. The smartphone market has become saturated over the past few years and Samsung didn’t want their […]

BRICS VS NATO: The differences and how they compare

Comparing BRICS and NATO is very difficult as the BRICS bloc is still relatively small and new establishing in 2006, while NATO is large and was founded in 1949. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) 5 member states from South America, Africa, Asia and Eurasia was founded on principles of cooperation, trade, non-interference, […]

10 influential women of BRICS in Politics

For years women in emerging economies had being relegated to the background. This is especially true in key areas of politics and development. Women have been limited to certain jobs, unlike their male counterparts. Female politicians are subjected to many challenges such as discrimination and social stigmas. Over the past years, there have been women […]

NASA ready to launch Parker Solar Probe

NASA, the USA nation space agency will be launching a solar probe on Saturday. The Parker Solar Probe costing about $1.5 Billion, will be the first probe to fly though the Corona of the Sun, which is closer than any probe has been sent before it. Lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the probe will […]