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Russia celebrates Victory Day

Russia is today celebrating Victory Day, a national holiday in which the country remembers the end of World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany. A typical celebration of Victory Day involves military parade showcasing troops and advanced military hardware at Russia has to offer.  The day will also remember the sacrifices made in […]

South Africa: vote counting still underway

South Africa took to the polls on Wednesday – voting stations across the country closed at 9 pm. All the attention is now on the critical process of counting votes for the National and Provincial Election. READ MORE:South Africa takes to the polls The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said the sixth democratic elections had integrity […]

France makes plea for India, Brazil, Germany and Japan to be included as permanent members of UNSC

France has made a plea for India, Brazil, Germany and Japan to be included as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). According to France his is “absolutely needed” as only a reformed and enlarged UN Security Council will better reflect contemporary realities. The inclusion of these countries is among France’s “strategic” priorities. […]

South Africa takes to the polls

South Africans who have registered to vote in the general election will take to the polls and make a decision as to which party will lead the country, determining the premiers of the nine provinces as well as the South Africa president. This year’s election will be the sixth democratic election since the end of […]

Brazil and Peru sign declaration of cooperation on energy

Brazil and Peru will intensify cooperation in the energy sector. The Ministers of Mines and Energy of the two countries, Bento Albuquerque (Brazil) and Francisco Atilio Ísmodes (Peru), signed a Declaration of Cooperation in Energy this Tuesday. The document provides mechanisms for exchanges on energy issues and identifies mutual and convergent interests for the two […]

How BRICS can use AI to lead in the 21st century

In October 2017, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took part in an online conference with people in China. During the conference, one of the participants asked what China-Russia ties would look like in 2050. Medvedev’s response did not make headlines. It should have – because he talked almost entirely about artificial intelligence (AI). Several months […]

How innovation is playing an increasingly central role in India diplomacy

Innovation is increasingly becoming a buzzword in India. In 2016, the country launched its flagship innovation programme, Atal Innovation Mission, focused on scaling start-up incubation centres and promoting innovation culture among schoolchildren by providing them with hands-on experience in 3D printing, the internetof things (IOT) and robotics. A consistent policy focus on innovation seems to […]

China’s Belt and Road Forum

China hosted the second belt and road forum in Beijing on Saturday.  The two-day event brought together world leaders and delegates. The One Belt, One Road initiative (OBOR) is China’s idea of changing global geopolitics with intercontinental investments from China. The project which sees China invest in major infrastructure developments in Asia, Europe, Africa, and […]