Best and worst municipalities in South Africa

Image: Cape Town
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An annual study of the best and worst South African municipalities was released by the Consulta and SA-csi. The targeted metros were Buffalo City, Cape Town, Ekurhuleni, eThekwini, Johannesburg, Mangaung, Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane.

A sample size of 2,287 people across the metros were interviewed. Citizen satisfaction and trust in the metro municipalities were the main measurement used in this study. The Nelson Mandela Bay is the only metro to see significant change in its SA-csi score from 59.3 index points in 2017 to 61.9 in 2018.

While the other metros all saw drop in their performance numbers from the previous years. The Cape Town metro for both 2017 and 2018 still holds the lead in as the best rated municipality. The worst performers continue to be Buffalo City and Mangaung for two consecutive years.

The complaints by the citizens which evaluate service delivery as well as behavior of municipal officers which contribute to the lowing of the score include 36% water, 20% electricity, 12% tax bills, 8% road conditions, 5% call centre complaints and 5% street lights complaints.

In terms of citizen trust in the municipal officers how positive they are about their metros, the study noted a decrease in trust level especially in Cape Town while the cities of Nelson Mandela Bay, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni equaled previous year performance.


# Municipalities 2017 score 2018 score Change
1 City of Cape Town (Western Cape) 68.5 65.2 -3.3
2 Nelson Mandela Bay (Eastern Cape) 59.0 61.9 +2.9
3 Ekurhuleni (Gauteng) 59.8 57.6 -2.2
Average 59.3 57.4 -1.9
4 City of Tshwane (Gauteng) 57.7 56.2 -1.5
5 City of Johannesburg (Gauteng) 57.0 55.0 -2.0
6 Buffalo City (Eastern Cape) 47.2 46.2 -1.0
7 Manguang (Free State) 51.3 41.1 -10.2




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