Bolsonaro’s official trips spark controversy

Brazil’s right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro had three official international trips in March. In a search for new business relations, Bolsonaro and a Brazillian delegation visited the United States and Chile are still to visit Israel. 

The trips sparked controversy;

United States
The Brazillian President arrived on Sunday,16th to meet his US counterpart, Donald J Trump. During the three day trip, the right-wing leader declared himself a bold devotee of the US – the right-wing league discussed mutual priorities, including the Venezuela crisis. The US President said that he intends to make Brazil a major Non-NATO ally or a NATO ally.

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Bolsonaro’s Chile official visit was wrapped up with protests and controversy. The Brazilian leader commended Chile’s former military dictatorship that led to the first-ever boycott of a presidential visit by influential Chilean politicians. The Brazillian leader caused anger and a rare political boycott.

The Brazillian leader will arrive in Israel on the 31st of March for a three-day visit.

By: Kgothatso Nkanyane

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