Brazil joins Combined Maritime Forces

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) has welcomed the Brazilian Navy to become the 33rd nation to join the force. Brazilian naval officers over the years have made multiple interactions with the group, so they are quite familiar with their standard practices necessary for a smooth transition.

The CMF was established in 2002 as an international naval partnership that provides security for civilian maritime traffic, conducting counter-piracy and counter-terrorism missions in the heavily trafficked waters of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Another purpose of the CMF is to guarantee free-flow of maritime trade.

The official acceptance of the invitation to join the CMF was done on 30 July. Brazil joining the Combined Maritime Forces enhances and strengths its ties with the other 32 members states, creating an equal level of respect and cooperation among navies.

Brazil also gains a new level of representation in terms of global maritime accreditation, allowing them to be active on every continent, and becoming a world maritime force.


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