Brazil should give China priority on trade – Summit concludes

Brazil should propose a long-term cooperation agreement that prioritises China over all trading partners – concluded the Brazil-China Summit on Wednesday.

The Summit hosted by Brazil’s newspaper, Folha de São Paulo was sponsored by the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex Brasil), distributor Caoa Chery and Banco Modal and supported by the Brazilian National Industry Confederation (CNI).

Both China and Brazil have the same interest making cooperation a necessity says Roberto Brant, president of the CNA Institute of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock. “China will need to increase imports due to physical constraints and because its agricultural structure prevents large production growth in the future,” Brant said.

The role of the private sector is emphasised this agreement – joint efforts between government and corporate make Brazil stronger for China dialogue alleged duardo Leão, executive director of the Sugar Cane Industry Union (Unica).



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