Brazil, South Africa marinas to participate in joint training

Operation Atlasur finished its 11th edition on the South African coast with the deployment of ships, aircraft and hundreds of military from three nations in a security exercise in the South Atlantic.

The fight against illegal trafficking of drugs, arms and people was the theme of activities in the 11 to issue Atlasur Operation, which took place from August 31 to September 20, 2018. “The theme changes each edition. However, the exercises are always related to maintaining the security of the South Atlantic, “explained Captain Rogério Salles Rodrigues da Silva, in charge of the training and resource use division of the Naval Operations Command of the Navy. Brazil (MB).

Brazil, Uruguay and South Africa participated in the event; this last seat of the exercise in 2018. The Argentine Navy, which is also part of the group of participants of Atlasur since the 1990s, did not participate on this occasion because their boats are engaged in other activities.


Source: Dialogo-Americas

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