Brazil trade balance reaches US$ 3.67 bn surplus in February

A positive trade balance occurs when exports outpace imports – Photo: EBC

The Brazilian trade balance posted a surplus of US$ 3.673 billion in February, the result of US$ 16.293 billion in exports and US$ 12.620 billion in imports. The numbers were released by the Ministry of Economy on Friday.

The trade balance is the result of the difference between imports and exports over a given period. When positive, it means that the country sold more products abroad than it imported. In the reverse scenario, it turns negative.

Main categories

February’s exports consisted of US$ 8.363 billion in sales of basic goods (such as soy and corn), US$ 5.956 billion in manufactured goods (such as cars) and US$ 1.974 billion in semi-manufactured goods, such as cast iron and soybean oil. As for imports, the top purchases from abroad were of industrial ovens, electric motors, crude oil, diesel oil, cars, medicines, and others.


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