Brazil’s Museum burns down destroying 200 years of Knowledge

Rio’s National Museum (Portuguese: Museu Nacional) burnt down yesterday. The museum which has stood for 200 years housed a collection of Egyptian, Greco-Romanartifacts and some of the first fossils discovery in Brazil.  According to The Guarding the Museu Nacional is the oldest and high-ranking historical and scientific museum in the country.

The fire started after the museum closed on Sunday, there has not been any report of injuries or deaths but the loss of historical and cultural artifacts is immeasurable. Environmental Minister Marina Silva has called the destruction of the museum a ‘lobotomy of the memories of Brazil’.

The destruction from the fire was made worse due to the fire trucks running out of water and the fire hydrants in area having no water supply. It’s not clear exactly how the fire began, but the build was old fill with flammable materials there were cuts to funding and the museum had fallen behind on it repairs and maintenance, reports The Guardian.

Some of the item destroyed in the fire includes a 12,000 year-old skeleton and the oldest in the Americas, fossils, dinosaurs, and a meteorite found in 1784 and other items brought to brazil which signaled its independence from Portugal.

Source:  The Guardian

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