BRICS 2020: The Gateway to Siberia



Russian President Vladimir Putting has decreed that Chelyabinsk municipal administration will play host of the 12th BRICS Summit and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in 2020, according to official Kremlin reports.

Chelyabinsk is a major Industrial provincial cities in Russia. Boris Dubrosky, Governor of Chelyabinsk visited Johannesburg on the 25-27 July as part of the official delegation of the Russian Federation, led by President Vladimir Putin attending the 10th BRICS Summit.

“The presidential decree on holding SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk in 2020 provides a tremendous opportunity for the development of the city. Currently, work is being actively carried out at key facilities related to the summit, projects are being implemented to develop engineering infrastructure and improve public spaces,” said Dubrosky addressing the Russian media.

“The total amount of work is really impressive. The preparations for the summit require the utmost efforts of governments and businesses, especially construction project organisations, construction companies. For all of us – it is a test of professional competence. That is why the study of the experience of other cities is of particular importance,” he noted.

The total cost for the SCO and BRICS summit is approximately 50 billion rubles and half of these funds are private investments, according to Kremlin reports.


Source: Modern Diplomacy 

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