BRICS Friendship Cities, Local Government Cooperation & Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Disaster

The BRICS Friendship cities, Local Government Cooperation and Urbanisation Forum and the meeting of the BRICS Task Force on Disaster Management took place from the 28 June – 1 July in Buffalo City, East London.

A declaration regarding the engagement of BRICS states/provinces through cities and local bodies was signed at the Ministerial Meeting. The Urbanisation Forum’s main goal is to promote people to people cooperation amongst BRICS nations and collaboration at local government level.

The Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Disaster was hosted by the Deputy Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Andries Nel. It was an opportunity to discuss South Africa’s socio-economic development and inclusive growth plans, and how BRICS could help in achieving those plans. It also provides a platform in addressing challenges facing the BRICS countries like eco-building, eco-city design, the upgrading of infrastructure and informal settlements as well as new city enlargement proposals.

The disaster meeting was also a chance to learn and share ideas on disaster recovery, how to help municipalities in trouble, how to build durable urban areas, risk management, migration management, how to use urban development to end poverty and help the disadvantaged.

The BRICS meetings was also a knowledge exchange on waste reduction, recycling, climate change and energy usage efficiency. The conclusion of these meetings ended in the signing of two separate declarations as a commitment, to affirm cooperation of BRICS countries with in this department and to create a guideline for moving forward.


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