BRICS member states film showcase kicks off in Mozambique

Brazil’s embassy in Mozambique held a movie exhibition on Monday. The embassy is to exhibit movies from BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) member states and is expected to draw a large attendance.

Brazil ambassador to Mozambique, Rodrigo Soares explained BRICS bloc to attendees, the economy of the bloc, population and purposes, before the exhibition.

Rodrigo in the presence of BRICS countries representatives and ambassadors said, “as BRICS our relations with other countries are based on non-interference in internal affairs of other countries affairs, it is based in equality and common benefit.”

The first movie to be shown is a Brazilian movie about a young man’s journey around Africa, followed by Russian film, the next day. The exhibition will break on Wednesday. On Thursday an Indian movie will be shown, followed by a Chinese romantic film on Friday.  A South African movie about the country’s liberation struggle will be shown last, on Saturday.

Leader Russian diplomatic mission in the country said that the films are set for a week-long exhibition. The films are meant to give the attendees a glimpse into the stories of normal people and daily lives. The films will further teach about the characterises of member states of the coalition.



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