BRICS role in foreign aid and charity contributions

Foreign aid is one  of the many ways to show soft power in world. From transferring resource, skills, medical assistance and military training to helping countries in economic and  environmental pressures

The BRICS countries as a bloc are in the unique position to leverage their soft power collectively. This  by showing the BRICS more charitable side it may help them in achieving other international goals, as well as allowing them to have a bigger voice in global bodies like they United Nations.

Individually they each BRICS country has shown there Humanitarian side From South Africa’s assisting in Indonesia to China and Russia’s work in aid efforts throughout Africa. There is however, still a strong need for the BRICS collectively to take a leadership role in many of the problems facing the world.

Some area the BRICS humanitarian hand is need is in countries like Venezuela which borders Brazil. Venezuela is going through economic crisis at the moment with its people finding the conditions in country unbearable.  Brazil which is one of the neighboring countries is struggling in its effects of help Venezuelan refugees.

A more collective stance and policy among the BRICS bloc with regards to Humanitarian efforts will go a long way in building BRICS influence and showing the power that BRICS has through charity.  


By Mogethi Mtezuka


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