BRICS Senior Officials and Experts meet on BRICS Women Agenda

In preparation for the soon to be formed BRICS Women’s Forum the Department of Women hosted a meeting of senior experts and officials. The leaders had a two day meet in Pretoria, South Africa

The meeting brought together delegates from all the five BRICS member states and  had strong emphasis on women inclusive development and the progression of equality.

Women in leadership roles and there progression within the BRICS countries have been limited. The BRICS Women’s Forum will seek to advance equality pushing the women agenda forward in the BRICS agenda. According to the South African government the BRICS Women’s Forum could be “an important platform to exchange best practices and forge partnerships across BRICS countries to promote women’s advancement”.

The main role for the forum will be to address gender based inequality, advancing women in the political, social and economic spheres of BRICS. To encourage, empower female leadership and participation.

The meeting as reported by the finalisation of the concept note of the establishment of the BRICS Woman’s Forum was drafted, which will now be delivered to all BRICS governments for approval.


By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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