Minister Lindiwe Sisulu reiterates good governance in Budget Vote Speech

South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Lindiwe Sisulu believes that SA is now in a period of renewal to good governance and responsiveness to its people.

During the Budget Vote Speech of the Dept. of International Relations and Cooperation, Sisulu said that the new era will re-energise the country’s foreign policy. “We want South Africa to be once again a moral compass and a voice of reason in a world increasingly overcome with selfish, narrow interests. We want to be the hope for all in times of despair.”

She also spoke about plans that will unleash not only South Africa’s potential but the African continent.   

“The President’s target is to raise R1 million in investments over five years, which we will not only use for South Africa, but also on the African continent. We believe that if we can create a stable Africa, we can unleash its potential. The resources of this continent are enormous and properly tapped will change the fortunes of the whole generations to come.”

Sisulu added that President Cyril Ramaphosa will be co-chairing a meeting of the High-level Global Commission on the Future of Work of the International Labour Organisation with the Prime Mister of Sweden.

“We continue to be committed to keeping peace. We stand for potential solutions whenever there is conflict. Our track record of keeping peace on the African continent is unchallenged by any one country. Our efforts in creating dialogue are hallmark of our foreign policy. We have had great successes in the past on the continent and we will continue to put at the apex in our interventions.”





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