China and U.S armies unite to host the Regional Armed Force Health Forum

The Chinese and U.S. armies have put aside their trade war tensions and organised a regional armed forces health forum on Monday in China, Xian. 600 military officials from 28 countries are attending the conference.

China has highlighted its cooperation with the U.S army throughout the years, emphasising that the trade war between the two countries does not impact this relationship. Chen Jingyuan, the head of health at the Logistics Support Department said that “this is the first exchange between the Chinese and US militaries on military health for the Asia-Pacific and has attracted high attention from Asia-Pacific nations”.

The conference is aimed at technical discussions on the prevention of diseases and treating injuries. the Chinese army will also use the conference to showcase their new equipment used for medical purposes including their aircraft and vehicles. The Chinese Navy Chief, Shen Jinlong, is scheduled to pay a working visit to the U.S later this month when he will be attending the international naval forum.


Source: South China Morning Post

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