China could build world’s longest tunnel linked to Taiwan

After years of debate, Chinese scientists are close to designing what would be the longest undersea railway tunnel, which will be connecting the mainland to Taiwan.

According toRussia Today, the tunnel would run through a 135km undersea section at up to 250kph by 2030 from China to Taiwan.

South China Morning Post reports that the tunnel would be dug under the ocean, at a depth of 200 metres.

Chinese engineers are planning to produce two artificial islands halfway to pump air into the tubes.

The Chinese were inspired by the Channel Tunnel, which links England and France; the trains will travel from Fuzhou province’s Pingtan county and arrive in Hsinchu city, southwest of Taipei, in 32 minutes.

The Chinese tunnel will be nearly one-third wider, allowing trains to be sent at higher speeds and with heavier cargo.

Source: Russia Today

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