China cancels security talks with the US

The Chinese government has cancelled their planned security talks  with US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis. The meeting which was planned for October has not been rescheduled and the reason for the cancellation is still to be determined.

There has been tensions surrounding China-US relations in recent months with escalating tariffs on Chinese import to the US resulting in a trade war. Other causes of the tension are the US sanctions on Chinese military for purchasing Russian weapons and the territorial disputes in South China Sea.

 These ever-rising tension might escalate and spiral out of control with the countries continue with retaliatory measures. Both the US government and Chinese government have not yet comment on the cancellation. But it is believed that the tensions between the two superpowers is the main reason for this cancellation.

The Chinese government did reiterate that it will not be forced or blackmail in to yielding over pressure created by the trade war.



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