China-India to replace America-EU global dominance

The EU and USA have dominated global economy and trade for over 200 years, but now with the rise of China and India the dominance may be coming to an end. The complete global structure of economy, finance, trade and International law may change in the next decade as China and India take on more prominent roles in the international community.

The foreign policy mistake of the US and EU after the cold war have increased the rate of their decline in terms of global leadership and investment.

China is now remapping global trade with its one belt on road initiative, which could focus all future global trade through China as well as India rise in subcontinent as a space, technology, communication and financial power house.

The East is catching up to the West and not in a traditional sense.  China and India have large populations and large numbers of people living in poverty, but both are now booming.  The two countries are focused on technology and infrastructure development.



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