China introduces new cybersecurity law

China’s new cybersecurity law was passed on Monday but will only come into effect in June 2017. According to Reuters, the new law zooms in on hacking and terrorism, even while raising eyebrows among international businesses.

A parliamentary official told Reuters that the legislation is set to be an “objective need” with China being a leader in internet power.

Said Yang Heqing, an official on the National People’s Congress standing committee: “China is an internet power, and as one of the countries that faces the greatest internet security risks, urgently needs to establish and perfect network security legal systems.”

Not everyone is in favour of China’s new law, however. International critics have said that this poses a threat to foreign technology-based companies, possibly excluding them from ‘critical’ sectors. They have added that the new law also includes controversial specifications for security reviews and for data to be stored on servers in China.

Rights advocates also say the law will “enhance restrictions on China’s Internet, already subject to the world’s most sophisticated online censorship mechanism, known outside China as the Great Firewall.”


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