China invested $40 billion in Australia in the past four years


In the last four years China has invested over $40 billion in Australia. The Australian National University researched and reported the detail of Chinese investment in Australia totalling 262 transactions.

The report showed that there were 193 unique investors in total over the four-year period, most of the investment went to NSW and Victoria, receiving $15.5 billion and $12.5 billion respectively. The key industries were mining, real estate and transport at 24.5%, 21.6%, 13.6% respectively.

China has also increased its investment in healthcare rising from 0% to 15.5% last year, while utility investment has dropped from 22.4% to 5.7%. The only area that china did not invest in is the public administration and safety.

 The Chinese investment comes from several different parties some governmental and others private business investors.



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