China planning on building industrial zone in Limpopo

China’s investment in South Africa continues to expand. China is planning on building an industrial zone in Musina-Makhado, Limpopo Province. The South African Energy and Metallurgical Special Economic Zone (EMSEZ) is expected to be complete in the coming five years.

Nine Chinese based businesses have invested $10 billion in The Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It will spread from east to west of Musina near the Limpopo River Bank and will take advantage of the abundant natural resources in the area like iron ore, silicon ore, nickel ore and limestone.

The National railways, highways and power supply lines will run through an area encompass government buildings (industrial and commerce management, customs and taxation services), residential areas (dormitories, apartments and hotels), shopping malls, hospitals and schools. A marine transportation integrated logistics center will also be built in the SEZ as well.

The problem with the Special Economic Zone is the coal mining operations as well as the coal power plant that will also be located there. The environmental impact coal mining has as well as the global move away from fossil fuels to greener ways of generating power with renewables energy at forefront.

Coal mining and coal power is viewed as a step backwards, creating many challenges which include job security, risk to local community welfare and health risks.



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