China-Russia partnership needs to include media cooperation

Russia and China media outlets need to take advantage of the relations between the two countries – China, Russia media need to seize the opportunity to deepen cooperation, says Huang Kunming. Kunming is a member of the Political Bureau of Communist party of China and head of publicity in the party’s department.

The senior official made these remarks while giving a keynote address at the forth China-Russia media forum, on Sunday, in Shanghai.  

Chinese and Russian media organisations should focus their cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasian Economic Union and report truthfully about the country’s happenings, said Kunming. The media reporting should also be comprehensive, promote culture, enhance people to people cooperation and shine light on Russia-China strategic cooperation and developments, he added.

China-Russia media outlets often face unfair international competition said Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Maxim Alexeevich. The solution to the unfair competition said Alexeevich is a formulation of Russia-China digital media cooperation – since digital technology has provided an unprecedented opportunity for media development.

“New media integration will not only change the traditional means of communication – it will also provide opportunities for overtaking other players in corners and reshape international public opinion,” said Lu Yansong, deputy editor-in-chief of the People’s daily.  


Source:  Global Times

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