China’s new facial recognition to tighten security

Chinese police are on a mission to tighten the country’s security by introducing innovative facial recognition technology.

The system is part of Skynet, a nationwide monitoring program that was launched in 2005 to increase the use and capabilities of surveillance cameras.

The use of facial recognition technology is on the rise in China, where it is used to increase efficiencies and improve policing. Currently, there are 170 million surveillance cameras in China, with the hopes to have 570 million active by 2020.

According to developers, the system works regardless of angle or lighting condition and has led to the arrest of more than 2,000 criminals and trespassers over the last two years.

Cameras are used to catch jaywalkers, find fugitives, track people’s regular hangouts and predict crime before it happens.

Police officers wear augmented-reality smart glasses that recognise facial features and licence plates in near real time, checking them against a database of suspects.

Across China, the new facial recognition technology can scan the country’s entire population. Approximately 16 cities, municipalities and provinces are using a frighteningly fast surveillance system with a 99,8% accuracy.

CNet reports that in 2016, the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service introduced a facial recognition system to help identify international travellers arriving at the country’s airport, which in turn improves customs service procedures.


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