China to Dominate Artificial Intelligence

China is set out to become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence. China has a plan which is titled “a next generation Artificial Intelligence development” – the Chinese in the plan  outline goals they want to achieve in order to have the competitive advantage over other countries leading in the field of A.I.

China wants to become the world’s primary innovation centre by the year 2030, by then China’s AI industry is forecasted to be worth $150 Billion. China is hope by the year 2025 they should making new strides which will set them apart from their competitors.

China believes A.I. in the coming years will be the main driver of their economy as well reinforcing their national security. China has already put together its initial 3 year plan on how it will achieve this ambitious goal, with the first stage begging with financing the plan with a $2 billion investment coming from both government and the private sector.

Chinese News agency Xinhua has already reveal its A.I news anchor which is a complete digital person who can read and speak news reports as naturally as a human can, as well as can stay in operation indefinitely.




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