Chinese delegation set to undertake a study on a South African logging system


A Chinese delegation is due to visit South Africa next week Monday to undertake a three-week study on South Africa’s globally recognised mineral reporting codes. The delegation will be given insight into a South African borehole logging system, which is set to go global.

The chairperson of Samcodes Standards Committee, Matt Mullins will be hosting the high-ranking delegation from 15 October to 3 October.

“We have the best borehole logging database in the world in South Africa, which is now poised to go global. It has developed out of the South African mining industry, and in all of my work throughout the world, haven’t come across a better system than this,” said Mullins.

The delegation of 18, from the Mineral Resources and Reserves Evaluation Centre of the Ministry of Land and Mineral Resources (MRREC) in Beijing, has requested training in the practical application and management of South Africa’s meticulous reporting of exploration results, mineral resources and mineral reserves (Samrec).


Source: Engineering News

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