Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to become new dominate player in the markets

The Xiaomi Corporation is  Chinese electronics company that makes the Xiaomi smartphones and other electronic devices – Xiaomi smartphones were previously known for modelling after other smartphones specifically the iPhone.

Today Xiaomi has managed to grow and earn respect in smartphone market; Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing smartphones in what is now a saturated market. The smart phone company has grown beyond China and has started dominating India becoming the number one smartphone manufacturer in the country.

Global Xiaomi is the 4th biggest smartphone, but demand for the Xiaomi’s phones is steadily increasing. Xiaomi also makes a variety of different electronic products which include: laptops, accessories, audio, fitness, lifestyle, home & kitchen appliances, televisions, smart mobility.

In South Africa Xiaomi has also grown in popularity even though its products are not available in retail store. Many fans of Xiaomi have purchased their phones online and imported them into the country, showing how strong the demand truly is.



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