Chinese tech company, ZTE to lead 5G testing in South Africa


ZTE South Africa a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation has disclosed that ZTE the major international provider of telecommunications, mobile internet and consumer Technology company, has taken the leadership position in China’s third phase 5G research and development testing.

ZTE is the first telecommunications company in South Africa to complete standalone test at 3.5GHz as well as non-standalone (NSA) test at 3.5GHz and 4.9GHz.

ZTE is also participating in China’s 5G technology R&D testing of 5G end to end products, 5G base station, core networks and devices.

Network performance of 5G South Africa has also been verified by ZTE, reviewed user experience data rate, latency and coverage in Huairou a district of Beijing. Therefore ZTE will be very key in 5G operations deployment and commercial products solutions for South Africa in the future.


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