Defense bill offers harsh words for Russia and China

The last version of the 2019 defence bill offers grating words for Russia and China. The bill is keeping in place restrictions that prevent the US military from cooperating with Moscow. The bill “prohibits military-to-military cooperation with Russia” according to a summary of the legislation released by Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

This restriction has been part of the bill in previous years but it now comes as Moscow has deepened relations following President Donald Trump meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

The report which stands for the agreement between the House and Senate versions of the defence bill, also funds the Trump administration’s plan to develop a lower-yield ballistic missile warhead aimed at scaring off Russia. It also supports the request made by Trump for $250 million for lethal defensive support to Ukraine and $6.3 billion for the deterrence of Europe reassure US partners and allies and also deter Russian aggression.


Source: CNN




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