Denuclearization the main agenda at the Korea Summit

The leaders of North and South Korea met on Tuesday in Pyongyang. On the agenda was North Korea with regional peace, USA relations and Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. This was the first meeting the two Korean leader’s, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader, Kim Jong.

United Nations (UN) announced that both leaders signed concessions stating that North Korea will dismantle its main nuclear facility, if the United States take similar measures.

The measures requested by the North Koreans on the United States and South Korean include, allowing international inspectors to overlook missile testing site and launch pads, as well as to coordinate with each other on hosting the 2030 Summer Olympics in 2032.

Both leaders marked that the meeting was monument step in forging a long last peace on the Korean peninsula.

“The road to our future will not always be smooth and we may face challenges and trials we can’t anticipate. But we aren’t afraid of headwinds because our strength will grow as we overcome each trial based on the strength of our nation,” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said.

This was the third Korean Summit. The second meeting was between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and USA president Donald Trump.


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