Donald Tusk calls on Europe, China, US and Russia to ‘prevent global chaos’

European Union (EU) Council President Donald Tusk (Photo credit should read THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP/Getty Images)

European Council president, Donald Tusk has made a call to  Europe, China, the US to work in collaboration in avoiding trade wars and “prevent conflict and chaos”.

Tusk said on Monday at the opening of a summit between China and the EU in Beijing, that they are all aware that the architecture of the world is changing and it is a common responsibility to make the world change for the better.

He said that the trade war can turn into “hot conflict”, called for World Trade Organisation reform. “There is still time to prevent conflict and chaos,” he said.

On Sunday, United States President, Donald Trump described the EU as one of his country’s greatest “foes”, calling the body “very difficult”. Hours prior to that, he advised the British prime minister, Theresa May, to sue the EU rather than negotiate over Brexit.

Source: The Guardian

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