Don’t miss the RapidLion Film Festival

By Ntsiki Ntsibande

Lovers of art and film, it’s time for the annual RapidLion Film Festival.

The festival, aimed at showcasing the pride of African heritage through storytelling, is currently running at the Market Theatre until 10 March 2018. The Market Theatre is at the heart of a precinct blooming with artistic expression.

The South African International Film Festival plans to be the leading marketing tool for films outside of Europe and North America.

The institution will award the RapidLion to winning participants.

The award is designed to represent the achievement of any filmmakers from Africa, the BRICS countries and the African diaspora. It also means to remind them (participants) that achievements come through hard work and dedication.

The RapidLion has more than 15 categories which include Best student film South Africa, Best Student Film BRICS, Best International Short Film, Film Editing and Best Screenplay.
Eric Miyeni of the RapidLion Film says South Africa has good training institutions, but they are also expensive for film practioners.

He was sharing his overview on the state of South African Film industry today at the Market Theatre.

“South African film industry has successful distribution and production channels, but government needs to play a bigger role in uplifting black film practitioners.” he says.

– Images: Brand South Africa

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