DRC Elections 2018 – two former leadership banned from running

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will be going to their Presidential elections in December this year. The top Presidential candidate, the former Deputy President was excluded from running from the presidential election by the top count in DRC because of his International Criminal Court witness tempering conviction.

Former President, Jean-Pierre Bemba, was part of the four-deputy president under the DRC’s peace agreement in 2003. He returned to his country after being cleared innocent of war crime charges by the ICC. Bemba was sentenced to 18 years in prison in 2008 by the ICC, this was for murders and rapes committed by his army in the Central African Republic in 2000.

The court also excluded the former President of the DRC, Adolphe Muzito from running for the elections. The court rule that President Muzito was ineligible on technical grounds because of a dispute with his political party, Unified Lumumbist Party.

The outgoing President, Kabila, has been the president of DRC since his father was assassinated in 2001. When Kabila’s second term ended, he was supposed to step down but he continuously delayed election. This year President Kaliba announced he will not be running for the third term, opening the election to elect the new president. The election will take place on the 23 December which is seen as the first constitution transition of power.

(Source DW.com)

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