Education system advancement to attracting young Brazilians.

Brazil is on a mission to advance the education system in a bid to improve learning for all students. Minister of Education, Rossieli Soares highlighted the role of the secondary school reform as a project to foster development and make school attractive for young Brazilians.

“The proposal for a secondary education common core, now in discussion at the National Education Council, is a priority for achieving the reform,” he said.

The Minister has emphasised that other important achievements of the government include the approval of the national common core for elementary education and the creation of new educational institutions, including universities and federal institutes.

“We invested R$ 3.8 billion to begin and resume construction works in educational institutions, adding that the measures are crucial to foster innovation and technology in the country.”

Soares believes that making the country’s secondary education curriculum attractive to young people is a way of ensuring that the country evolves and reaches the same high-quality educational level of other countries.


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