Europe lacking behind as China dominates Africa

Europe’s leading economies are starting to focus more on Africa, with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May visiting Africa countries this past week.

The reason for the visits is the strong growing position that China is having on the African continent. China this week hosted FOCAC the Forum on China Africa Cooperation.  In the past month China President Xi Jinping visited South Africa for the 10th BRICS Summit which had its first Africa Outreach program.

China’s influence on Africa has grown to new heights to a point where the European Union is no longer the only source of investment as well as a market for African resources. Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Theresa May’s African tours both result in announcement of future investment and reciprocal trade.

Chancellor Merkel, African tour consisted of visits to West African countries Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria. Merkel spoke about immigration from Africa to Europe, and how Europe could help African countries provide better livelihoods.

Prime Minister May, visited Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa with the clear intent of securing British markets to hedge against the negative effects of a post Brexit UK. Theresa May pledged increased trade and investment as well as military defense partnership against terrorist groups.



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