Experts: U.S. risks losing world power to China and Russia by splitting with allies on Iran

The United States stands the risk of losing its role on the global stage both politically and economically, by splitting its allies and major powers that oppose the planned sanctions against Iran – this according to two former State Department officials who helped create the 2015 nuclear deal.

In line with President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from a 2015 nuclear agreement in May, the U.S. was set to impose the first batch of sanctions on Monday that would affect Iran, as well as European and other international companies. The decision would be only the latest of a series of schisms between the Trump administration and the EU, which has continued to endorse the Iran deal.

The Newsweek asked former State Deputy Lead Coordinator and Coordinator for Iran Nuclear Implementation Jarrett Blanc, if top U.S. rivals China and Russia could stand to benefit from the split, Blanc said yes.

“This is not strategic behaviour, we’re all over the map, we don’t have a list of priorities, we’re not relating issue A to issue B and so then of course that puts in a stronger position anyone who can set their priorities and tie these issues together,” Blanc said Wednesday during a conference call hosted by progressive think tank Diplomacy Works, based in Washington, D.C.

Source: Newsweek

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