First Brazil manufactured electric car to be launched in 2020

Brazil startup company, Santa Catarina is planning to officially up their newly developed electric vehicles (EV) in 2020. The EV is named Li and will become the first electric car to be manufactured in Brazil.

Like all EVs the Li can be recharged at home or where suitable and is expected to save the people who buy them at least $4000 per year as compared to combustion engine cars. The EV is designed to be used daily on normal commutes in cities without electric infrastructure and accessibility.

The recharging of the car is also made so it can be plugged in to house plug similar to that of a cell phone. The car is already undergoing testing and waiting for licensing from the Committee on Brazilian transport and the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Resources to allow for urban use.

The Li is a 2 seater car, EV running on lithium batteries with a 10 year life span and guarantees greater autonomy than other electric cars. The Li is expected to cost $17-18,000 and 65-69,000 Real.



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