Future Brazil president could change relations with BRICS

Jair Bolsonaro is looking like the clear favourite to become the new president of Brazil, South Africa and the BRIC will probably have to determine the direction of their relationship with Brazil once his inaugurated, Brazil being an emerging economy, part of BRICS and Latin America’s biggest democracy.

Brazil also one of the Top 10 economies, a producer of oil  with China being it major trade partner. Jair Bolsonaro promised in his campaign to bring down crime and corruption in Brazil, Bolsonaro is also known as the Brazil Trump, who has put United State first and pushed for a unilateral stance in foreign policy.

Bolsonaro has also stated to also sell off state enterprises to bring down the growing debt and prevent corruption, ease gun laws so citizens can protect themselves from criminals and also for the army to go after organised crime. On the 28 October Brazil will go through the second round runoff were the presidential candidate with the most votes will become president.

Source: nation.co.ke

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