Future Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro’s and Brazil-China relations

Far-right presidential Jair Bolsonaro is probably just days away from being elected as the Brazil next president, with Brazil’s second round presidential run-off  taking place on 28 October, Sunday.

Bolsonaro is widely expect to win as his is still the more popular candidate, with his rival leftist Workers’ Party member Fernando Haddad failing to resonate. A congress member Jair Bolsonaro is not without controversy drawing comparisons to US president Donald Trump.

Similar to Trump Bolsonaro has criticized China on many occasions. China being Brazils biggest trade partner Bolsonaro has stated that their predatory trade practices are hurting Brazil and its people. With the previous Brazilian administration having had strong ties to China, Bolsonaro looks to moving the opposite direction.  

Bolsonaro is also fearful of the Chinese companies and investors taking over key resources in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro has pledged to protect strategic resources from foreign firms, siting Brazil could lose a dominate role in a key future industries if they do not protect them now.

China has already attempted to build a relationship with Jair Bolsonaro, with Chinese representatives meeting him twice in recent weeks according to reuters.com. How Jair Bolsonaro deals with China could foreshadow how he deals with the BRICS countries.

By Mokgethi Mtezuka

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