Future jobs that will be in demand in the next 5-10 years

The rise of artificial intelligence and automation will change and possible make obsolete a number of traditional jobs that many thought would last forever. Unfortunately this is not the case disruptive technologies are doing exactly that disrupting.

However, the end of old jobs will give rise to new jobs and new ideas which will dominate employment for the next 5-10 years. One of the new jobs that will come into the forefront Artificial Intelligence  and automation.

The number of robots is forecasted to explode in the next 10 years meaning new jobs will be created in the design, manufacture and maintenance of robots. This could very high paying jobs given the skill set required for that type of work.

An obvious job that will be one of the main job in the future will be computer scientist.  Being able to create program and design software that will be need for A.I and robots to function. Computer science will become a leading field to study and work.

The rise of automation will see traditional jobs like mining, logging, farming, shipping and refinement will be done sometime complete by machine or drones. This will leave in material management highly sort after for a skilled labour force.

Exports is predicted to become one of the biggest industries in the next decade with universities offering scholarship and ever increasing investment. Entertainment is another sector expected to explode as traditional jobs fall a way.

Real estate agents and developers will one of next to service automation as people will still need trusted real estate agents and agency for their housing purchase. Private services and elderly health care services as the populations age more emphasis will be put of health care service for sick and elderly.

Rural jobs, job which are located outside of major cities in rural areas less likely to be automated funding an investment in AI and automation will be concentrated in urban areas and cities.

Psychologist and therapist  with the rise of A.I and automation stress, depression and mental health could become more normalised leading to more demand in the field of health care and mental health care.

Source: Alux.com

Image source: NeOadvisor.com

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