Great BRICS teachers exhibition unveiled

An exhibition on BRICS (Brazil, Russia,India, China and South Africa) great teachers was unveiled on Friday the 16th in Durban [Denis Hurley Centre], South Africa.

The exhibition called “The great teachers of BRICS” features leaders from members of groupings, who have contributed to peacekeeping. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, Chinese philosopher Confucius, Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi,  South African struggle hero Nelson Mandela and “father of Brazil diplomacy” Baron Rio Branco.

The unveiling of the peacekeeping, cultural and research exhibition was followed by a tree planting ceremony at the resistance park in Gale Street. The exhibition is open to the public till 21 November.

“This project is designed to research the greatest South African cultural traditions, scientific and historical legacies and the work of great peacekeepers. We aim to build a friendly, respectful and trusting relationship between BRICS countries,” President of BRICS worlds, Sekacheva Lyudmila said.


Source: IOL

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