India and China resolved boarder disputes in large parts: Ram Madhav

China and Indian resolved boarder disputes in the large parts of their contentious frontiers, BJP leader, Ram Madhav said on Wednesday.

“Boarder talks are moving in the positive direction. As far as I know, disputes in large segments of our boarders have been resolved. There are a few areas where negotiations are still going on” said Madhav.

The General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party said that the major issues were in the Western side, he added that there are some areas were yet to be delimited.

Both countries are happy about the developing diplomatic ties.

The countries have a 3,448 km long undefined boundary over which the countries went to war in 1962. The has been 20 rounds of boarder talks between China and India so far, the 21st is to be held in Beijing later in the year.



Source: Business Standard






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