India and Japan to hold joint military exercise

India and Japan held high level talks in New Delhi, India on Monday. The two countries are working on advancing their military and defensive ties, by participating in joint military drills as well as having follow-up high level military meeting later this year.

The aim of the joint military exercises is to stabilize counter-terrorism, looking at improving areas like anti-submarine warfare and counteracting mines. India and Japan have also recently partnered up in efforts of maritime security and defence production.

The two nations want to also increase the level of their continuous joint naval activities, with plans of the Indian Defence minister visiting Japan next year and the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) meeting Indian officials in November.

India’s air force chief will also be meeting with a Japanese delegation in December, with the goal of further advancing their cooperation in terms of that field of defence. India is also planning having high level military talks with China later this week.

The key reason for these meetings is peace and security of the region in terms of the Indian and Pacific Ocean as well as the Korean peninsula.

Source: India Times

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