India announces first manned space mission

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) with the ambitious task of successfully launching India’s first manned space mission by 2022. The expected cost of the mission is estimated  at USD $1.3 billion, as reported by the ISRO.

The ISRO has a history of successfully launching satellites and other spacecraft into near Earth orbit, lunar orbit, as well as Martian orbit. The ISRO has also made a name for itself by completing its space missions at a lesser cost, compared to the likes of NASA and the Russian space agency.

The Indian Space Research Organisation is looking to use the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III or GSLV Mk-III, India’s heaviest rocket India. The launchpad and rocket will have to be adjusted for the man mission, but the rocket is more than capable of launching a crew into low earth orbit 2000km.

In July, ISRO ran a successful dry run to test their vehicle, but with no humans on board – just dummies. India has a high success rate when it comes to unmanned space launches and if it succeeds in manned launches, it will join a small club of countries with the capabilities.


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