India is 2018’s most successful ODI team

India has won its five match series with the West Indies, this win took India’s win rate to 75% wins in ODI test, with win establishes the Indian cricket team is the best team throughout the year.

India has won 14 of their 20 matches with the next best team,England, who has won 17 out of 24 matches, resulting in a win rate of 73% for England. India’s first victory of the year came by defeating South Africa in February.

India then went on to win the Asia cup by defeating Bangladesh, and winning against regional rivals Pakistan.  The Indian cricket has shown throughout the year strong level of invulnerability, winning most of their match with relative ease.

May 2019 will see the cricket world cup take place in England and Wales, India are looking as the clear favourites to clinch the cup.



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